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About the Author: Kiera T. Thomas, KAYTEE, was born and raised in Compton,Ca in the late 80's. Her passion for reading and writing set in at a very young age. "My mom brought me a diary in 3rd grade, I didn't know what to do with it at first , slowly but surely, it started to fill up with my thoughts and secret crushes :)". She attended and graduated from Artesia High School in 2007 where she was apart of drama class, Artesia Television and creative writing classes. Kiera is currently working in healthcare and finishing her college curriculum, majoring in Journalism/Mass communication. 


About the book: Far from your ordinary hood love story, Love, Lies, and Karma is a rush of adrenaline dressed in unforeseeable betrayal, shocking tragedy, and unimaginable heartbreak. Love and loyalty will only get you so far in this world and LaLa had to find out the hard way. Fresh out of a break up, LaLa found herself in the arms of what seemed to be "Mr. Right.” What seemed to be an ideal relationship turns out to be the exact opposite of what she got with Stanley Williams. Not completely done with her past relationship with Tony, LaLa’s attempt at happiness is thrown into limbo with Stanley. Stanley has his own issues though, in the form of Karisha, a hood chick with a vendetta against LaLa that nobody saw coming. 

Amongst these four Compton natives, the love seemed sincere, the lies seemed harmless but the karma - the karma is real. 


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