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Jessica Watkins Presents If Your Girl Only Knew by Kenya Moss! 

Maya - In high school Maya was voted most likely to become a reporter for TMZ because she was always in somebody's business. It was only natural that she pursue a career that allows her to analyze other people's business and get paid for it. The tables turn when she must decide between her job or loyalty when information told to her by one of her patients causes a life or death situation for one of her best friends. 














major deceit. Derrick is staying out all night and behaving suspiciously. Lyn sets out to find out what he's up to. What she finds out turns her world upside down! 

These three friends cope through lies, betrayal, and continuous DRAMA. Get ready for a sleepless night. The drama is so intense in this page turner that you won't be able to put it down!


About the Author: Kenya Moss was born in Chicago and raised in the south suburb of Glenwood, IL. She attended Northern Illinois University majoring in Communications. She is a relationship guru and hosts forums on dating, intimacy and communication. She resides in Illinois with their children. Kenya signed to Jessica Watkins Presents in April of 2014. Her novel, If Your Girl Only Knew, debuted at #3 in African American Romance and #1 in Urban Fiction.


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Natalie - Natalie and Lewis have been happily married for several years. Aside from his baby mama drama, their life together has been good. That is until Monica decides she wants Lewis for herself. Monica shows herself a viable threat by sabotaging, manipulating, and seducing Lewis. She is determined to get this man. May the best bitch win! 


Lyn - Three months away from her wedding date all hell breaks loose. The man she thought was her knight in shining armor is showing signs of

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