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About the Book: Couples Devon and Tasha and Q and Sandy are best friends. When Devon is arrested, he faces a ten-year prison sentence and his girl, Tasha, faces life without the man she loves. Q and Sandy's relationship becomes a casualty of the drama surrounding their best friends. Do these couples have what it takes to hold their families together or will a blast from Tasha's past, in the form of sexy Brandon Calloway, be the final straw?


About the Author: Sonya Davis is originally from Greensboro N.C. but has been residing in East Hartford CT for the last 28 years. She is a huge fan of Urban Fiction and decided to try her hand at the popular genre. Her hope is to put CT on the Urban literary map. She is the mother of 2 and a recent graduate of MCC. Her titles include the gritty urban tales "You Must Love Me 1, 2, &3", "Cali Dreams 1 & 2", "Who Do You Love" a collaboration with Paper Chaise, and the powerful "Why She Stayed".


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