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About the author: Onyxx was born and raised on the West side of Chicago and began writing at an early age as an outlet for her creative energy. The writing started out as something just to do to pass the time but evolved into a true passion over time. In addition to writing, Onyxx currently holds a degree in psychology and is also the owner of a wedding & event design/coordination firm. She also does motivational speaking at various events and frequents spoken word events in various states. Onyxx currently resides in the Western suburbs of Illinois with her wife, son and 2 step children. Onyxx signed to JWP in July of 2014. Her debut novel is avilable now!.




About the book: Finding the strength to be who one is destined to be is never an easy task. It can be especially hard if you're one of the Joseph girls, N'myiah & N'mesha. Yet, no matter how hard the task, one of the Joseph girls fell into her destiny of being a mistress, and not your ordinary mistress. 

N'miyah & N'meesha have each weathered storms that no one should have to - let alone a child. They both have a story to tell, and this is one hell of a story! Follow this tale of seduction and pain to find out how the death of a beast transformed into the Birth of The Mistress. 
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