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About the book:

A killer by day and night, Zaire Pearson never knew that he had a soft side until he met and fell in love with Beautee Hill - a hard working, educated girl from the suburbs of Pasadena, California. She was a beauty that was by far different than the project hoodrats that Zaire was used to dealing with. Being the beast that he was, Zaire was definitely in need of a "Beautee" to tame his wild side.




About the Author: Born December 10th 1970, I have overcome many challenges. With a degree business administration, I have gained control of life’s obstacles by maintaining my focus on education. I currently hold a certification in substance abuse and domestic violence counseling. I am presently continuing my education within the healthcare field as I enjoy helping people of all diversities. I have had a love for writing from a very young age through poetry, short stories, and inspirational posts. Throughout this journey we call life I have smiled, cried, prayed and continued to know that through faith, persistence, and love I can and will achieve anything Imaginable. Sylvia's joined JWP in July 2014. Her debut novel, Beautee and the Beast, will release soon!

Beautee knew that meeting Zaire was no accident. She was intentionally placed in his path with an agenda. She knew that not many men could resist her beauty or her booty. As an undercover FBI agent, Beautee was out to gain freedom for her husband, who had been set up by Zaire and wrongly accused of murder. It had taken Beautee almost five years, but she now had enough evidence on Zaire to put him behind bars and free the only man that she ever loved - her husband.  Zaire’s mission to control the city clouded his thoughts and friends became enemies. Family members went missing, and bodies are found throughout the city.

A hood tale of love, loyalty, murder and deception leaves you realizing “everything ain't always what it seems.”


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