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About the Author: Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Jada Pearl started writing when she was 13 years old. She always had a strong passion for stories. So much so that she began working in the Detroit Public Library and soaked in all the books she read. Her love for writing was reinforced when her job hosted a Romantic Readers of Michigan meeting. Being around other authors and learning how they developed their craft, Jada knew there was nothing more that she wanted to do. She wanted to make sure that everyone who read her stories were able to put themselves in the place of the main character. Jada Peal currently resides in Southfield, MI with her sons.




About the book: After Shontell suffers a near fatal accident because of her fiancé’s cheating, Shontell swears off men and starts her new life plan - saving her failing business. As Shontell dives into her plan, she encounters Ebony, who has the capital that Shontell’s business desperately needs. Becoming partners with Ebony can solve all of Shontell’s problems, but will Ebony’s good deed be more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Nico always thought that if he had his music, he had all he needed. As the founding member of the R&B group, Divine Attraction, he remained the silent, determined one, but lately he had been feeling like something was missing. It wasn’t until the group’s album release party in Detroit did he know what that was. He meets Shontell and she pulls at Nico’s heartstrings like music never has. Soon after, tension becomes thick in Divine Attraction, and the reasons why have Nico baffled. Now, Shontell is questioning her faith in her new business partner and Nico’s lifelong friendships are being rocked with lies and deceit. As old flames, secrets, and insecurity are unraveling them both, the new couple is finding themselves being torn in different directions. Will they fight to keep their new found love and prove to everyone and themselves that dreams do come true? 


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