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About the book: How was it possible that everything about this woman, every single damn thing he encountered, was so wonderful? Professional Quarterback Austin Riley has always been smitten with the lovely Sommer Hayes. Having known each other their entire lives, the majority of their relationship exchanges were sneers, insults, smirks, and jeers. Now, ten years have past since he last stepped foot in his hometown. He and Sommer run into each other again, only to find out that they both share the same secret: their hatred towards each other had merely been a cover-up for the true feelings that they’d kept hidden. However, another hidden secret is also lying in wait, waiting to tear them apart. 

About the author: K. Alex Walker is a Caribbean born, five-foot-two, introverted spitfire. When she is not writing, she is reading and eating. Sometimes eating and reading. One day, she will get a dog (most likely a German Shepherd or a Yorkie) and spend all of her days on Instagram or Tumblr uploading pictures and videos of it in T-shirts with its head cocked to the side. Alex signed to JWP in July 2014. Her debut novel, The Game of Love, is available now!














About the AuthorK. Alex Walker is an avid writer aand reader of romantic fiction. Born and raised in theUS Virgin Islands, she starting “writing” at the age of two thanks to her mother whowould often use a yellow legal pad and pen to keep her occupied and out of trouble.There, she would scribble to her heart’s content, and then read her “stories” to her parents whenever she



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