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About the book: What would you do if you had to choose between one of your best friends and your husband? Whose side would you choose? Would you even be able to make a decision? Well, meet Tammie, someone who has to make a choice to stick by her husband or side with her best friend who is more like a sister to her. Tammie is a psychiatrist that seems to have it all—a wonderful husband, three beautiful children, a promising career, and three best friends that are like sisters to her; Persia, Sharon, and Rachel. Trouble arises in Tammie’s life that threatens to dissipate her friendship and her marriage.

A second to none urban novel that will evoke all your emotions, Somebody Else’s Husband is not just another urban fiction novel of love and betrayal. This story will take you on a wild ride full of hills, dips, and curves filled with romance, pain, betrayal, and lots of drama all intertwined in one emotional roller coaster.  

About the Author: Pattie L. Doss was born and raised in Macon, Mississippi. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in education and is currently pursuing a degree in Family Studies with a minor in Psychology. She started writing in the fourth grade, mostly poetry and quickly evolved into short stories. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with her husband and kids when she isn't writing.


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