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In the latest edition of the Epitome of Femistry series, Latrice, Victoria, and Lyric are once again lost in Chicago’s love diversions. Victoria seems to have a handle on her recent break up with her long-term beau, Taij. Rather than crying into her pillow every night, she’s in the arms of one new piece after the next; turning her rage into sexual expression that earns her constant potential with the luxury of no-strings attached. Victoria’s new control of her heart terribly clashes with Vince’s undeniable interest in being more than her next booty call. However, Victoria’s refusal to commit does not keep Vince from trying desperately to blow up the wall that she has rebuilt around her heart.

As Victoria runs from Vince’s attempts to woo her, Latrice has done the unthinkable: fell in love with the booty-call. After the unfortunate conclusion of her affairs with Damion and Tunde, Amiel was the perfect replacement; except for the pregnant wife and kid. Now she’s ready for him to man up; to prove that he truly loves her by giving her the commitment and relationship that she needs, or move on.

As Latrice dreams of commitment and marriage to the unavailable Amiel, Lyric and Bradley are preparing for the real deal. As Bradley and Lyric begin their happily ever after in Blue Island, Illinois, Bradley is under the impression that he has chosen the perfect wife-to-be. Lyric struggles with this label as she figures out a way to quietly end the on-going love affair between her and Veronica; an affair that she has successfully perpetrated to her fiancé as a simple platonic friendship.

This madness entitled Love, Sex. Lies only the beginning of this erotic tale. A sea of characters add their own two cents of drama and donate to the shocking and heartrending end of this cycle of affairs, obsession, and despair.

With insertions of erotic spoken word by Chicago’s very own Strawberri Taylor, Love, Sex, Lies is your ideal entertaining, emotive, and erotic daily retreat.

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