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Here we go again! Lyric, Vic, Tricey and Star are back with the dramatic episodes of their hectic lives. 

In this installment of the Femistry series, Vic is finally settled into her own skin. She may not know who her father is and she may be single, but that’s okay! She is content with her life as she casually dates the tall, dark, Idris Elba-esk, muscular, and… blessed… Greg. As she enjoys her time with Greg, Vic also enjoys quality family time with her daughter while her baby’s father, Taij, tags along as he prepares to walk down the aisle to marry his fiancée, Kim. Vic is so content and focused on bettering herself that, finally, love finds its way to her. 

Now that Star has found freedom, she still feels imprisoned- IN HER POCKETS! Her ever-present embedded hustler mentality is itching to get back out there and make this money. However, the threat of violating parole puts her between a rock, being broke, and a hard place, making money in the wrong way. What’s a girl to do when she is forced out of her Loubs, into prison garb, and, now, back into hand me downs? As she takes the road that leads to financial freedom, she stumbles upon the biggest road block that threatens not only her freedom, but her life. 

For the past year, Tricey has been happy; content with the dope boy housewife lifestyle that Blood has been providing for her. Yet, it wouldn’t be like right unless his secrets come flying out of the closet and turn their happy home into a war zone! But as always, Tricey has no problem finding happiness where ever she can. 

Lyric has been spending her days in the cut with her man. She is finally over that hotmess of a so-in-so, James, but has stumbled upon Marcel, a man that takes her love and sexuality to new heights and adventures. 

Love Me Some Him is a tale of love, bliss, and contentment. Finally, these girls are grasping happiness and falling in love. However, the question is, are they in love with happily ever after or happily ever never? Follow these four sassy streetwise divas in this action packed tale of love, lust, and all that falls in-between.

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