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Escorting, hustles and scams were choices that Star made all on her own, but she would have never guessed that such decisions were going to land her in prison; serving time for two murder convictions and drug trafficking. Yet, in Volume VIII of the Femistry series, Star has been blessed with the opportunity to plea her innocence before the court yet again. Her sister, Tricey, is at every court appearance, praying for a miracle as she suffers through litigation in her own life between her loving boyfriend, Blood, and her jealous baby’s father, Amiel.

Victoria is fighting her own battles as well, as she struggles with the demons of addiction. Her mind is so far in the clouds that she isn’t concerned about finding out who her real father is, nor does she realize that she is being thrown amongst the investigations secretly going on amongst Blood’s organization.

With the addition of Lyric and James’ continuous lifestyle drama, Bang is a world wind of disloyalty, treachery and drama. Lyric, Star, Victoria and Tricey are back with the same fight, femininity and fierceness. Friendships will be tested and there will be confirmations of faith. Will Star be set free? Will Vic find out who her biological father is?!

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