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Fresh out of high school, Latrice, Victoria, and Lyric are determined to take charge of their futures. The past four years have been difficult for the “Three Musketeers”, so the anticipation of the beginning of their college education brings eagerness for love, closure, and new lives beyond the south side of the Windy City.

It’s September of the year 2000, and Victoria is determined to leave her best friends behind as she packs her bags and eagerly moves to Urbana, Illinois. This move promises change for Victoria as she has pledged that it will bring love to a life that has lacked commitment for many years. Back in Chicago, Lyric is torn between her high school sweetheart and a new relationship that surfaced only two months ago. Lyric is ready to rid her life of the drama, headache, and stress that Jeff has been filling her life with for the past four years. Though they are officially over, Lyric cannot bear to give her body, a body that only Jeff has known, to her new beau, Chris. As Lyric fights lust and devotion, Latrice, aka Tricey, is struggling to get over a heartbreak that is four years old. After suffering a gut wrenching lost during her freshmen year of high school, Tricey is forcing herself to forget about Taij, the baby, and the way he left her wondering. She is ready to move on, dry her tears, and finally give her heart to someone else.

Thou Shall Not Keep Me Wondering is a tale of loyalty, commitment, betrayal, and love. When Victoria finally finds the love that her life has been searching for, she is forced to choose between happiness and a lifelong commitment she made almost twelve years ago. As she is torn between the two, Lyric and Tricey are learning that new lives only bring new drama.

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