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The fifth volume, Love Hangover, begins where the cycle ended; a deserted and pregnant Tricey, Victoria persistently being too stubborn to love again, and Lyric, well, still being plain ol’ disloyal Lyric. However, these girls aren’t as lost and turned out as they may sound.

Latrice has finally washed her hands of Amiel and the wife he deserted her for. She has successfully let that love go in order to relish in the joy of her first born child. Now Tricey introduces readers to Blood, a past love interest transformed into one of the West Side’s biggest drug lords. Being a pregnant single mother has left Latrice lonely and in need. Blood fills that gap with endless possibilities of money, gifts, and companionship. However, her mind is so busy with the arrival of her new baby and its absentee father that she doesn’t see herself being tangled into Blood’s web of drug deals, robberies, murder, and criminal investigation.

Though usually disloyal to her lovers, Lyric has been in a committed “sexship” for the past few months with a couple; Jelani and Evette. As their girlfriend, she’s managed to fill her life with passion and sex rather than the sadness that the dramatic end of her engagement brings.

Finally, Victoria has found an emotional connection that isn’t attached to a penis. With the help of her co-worker, Lynn, Victoria has found help that no physical man or doctor could supply. Victoria has now replaced ignoring her emotional instabilities with handing them over to God for Him to mend. Yet, no hymn or prayer can keep her from denying the irrefutable love and lust that she still feels for her child’s father, Taij.

As Lyric learns that not everyone takes lightly to her habits of infidelity and discovers the tangled web she’s woven, Latrice attempts to dodge the Feds and bullets along with Blood while figuring out when is a good time to reveal to Amiel the child that he and his wife know nothing about. In the mean time, Vic struggles with the realization that it’s okay to make exceptions for exceptional men.

These girls are back with a riveting page-turner that leaves readers passionately fighting and yearning for each character while realizing the power in their own prayers.


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